Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

I have huge news to share with you today. Huge! Among my overflowing collection of cookbooks, this chicken cordon bleu recipe from Cook This, Not That! is my absolute favorite. There may certainly be recipes I have that I crave more or that are more awe-inducing (cue my large dessert cookbook category), but when you compare those to a delicious, healthy, looks-fancy-but-only-took-me-30-minutes dinner? Game over, chicken cordon bleu for the win.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

Gooey melted cheese, savory ham, moist chicken, crunchy breadcrumb coating, and creamy honey mustard sauce all work together to create weeknight meal perfection.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

When you make this dish your family and friends will think, “Wow, such a fancy meal! Such technique! He/she really pulled out all the stops for me!” When what you actually did was secretly quite simple.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

First, you pounded out the boneless skinless chicken breasts until they were about ¼ inch thick. Think about that aggravating e-mail you got at work or that jerk that cut you off right before the stoplight and whack away with your meat mallet! If you want to save a little bit of time this step could be done the night before. Then layer two slices of ham and one slice of Swiss cheese on the cutlet.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

Completely roll up the chicken from the short end. It’s okay if some cheese or ham is poking out. Then dredge the whole rolled chicken in flour, then beaten egg, then panko bread crumbs. This part sounds bizarre and complicated, but just make sure you hold the chicken roll tight and you’ll be just fine. Bake the breaded chicken roll for 18 minutes and you’re done!

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

Well as soon as you smother it in easy homemade honey mustard sauce… jeez Louise, pass me a fork!

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Honey Mustard Sauce
Yield: 4 servings
for the chicken cordon bleu
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1 cup panko breadcrumbs
  • 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 8 thin slices deli ham
  • 8 slices Swiss cheese
for the honey mustard
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons dijon mustard
for the chicken cordon bleu
  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with nonstick aluminum foil and set aside. Place the flour, egg and panko each in their own bowl and set aside.
  2. Place 1 chicken breast on a cutting board and cover the chicken with plastic wrap. Pound the chicken until ¼” thick with a meat mallet or heavy skillet. Repeat for the remaining 3 chicken breasts.
  3. Layer 2 slices of ham and 1 slice of cheese on each chicken cutlet. Working one at a time, carefully roll up the cutlet from short end to short end. It’s okay if some of the ham and cheese is sticking out. Holding on tight to the rolled up cutlet, dip it in the flour bowl until completely coated, making sure to get the ends as well. Then dip in the egg mixture to completely coat, make sure the excess egg drips off. Finally, completely coat the rolled chicken in the panko bowl. I usually use my other hand to help coat and press the panko onto the chicken. Place the breaded chicken seam side down on the prepared baking sheet and repeat with the rest of the cutlets.
  4. Bake for 15-18 minutes or until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees F and the breading is golden. Serve hot with the honey mustard sauce.
for the honey mustard
  1. Whisk together the mayonnaise, honey, lemon juice and dijon mustard then adjust according to personal taste.
If you want the bottom of your chicken cordon bleu to be crispy as well, you can spray a cooling rack with nonstick spray then place on top of the baking sheet. I normally don’t do this, but I thought I would mention it.

Recipe slightly adapted from Cook This, Not That! Easy & Awesome 350-Calorie Meals.

Asparagus with Creamy Orange Sauce

Asparagus with Creamy Orange Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

These next couple weeks are all about simple weeknight recipes. Sometimes when I plan the meals for the week I have such large ambitions and enthusiasm. It’s a Sunday morning, I’m feeling well rested, and Matt and I are ready to head to the grocery store with nothing but a lazy day in front of us.

Asparagus with Creamy Orange Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

Skip ahead to a regular weeknight. I was just at work for 9 hours, now I’m driving through traffic to pick Matt up at work and go home, we’re hungry, tired and that hour long multistep dish is so not happening. Sound familiar?

Asparagus with Creamy Orange Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

I absolutely love cooking, but most weeknights, dinner is just something I want to get done so I can get to work on my to-do list, read or just flop on the couch. Lately, one of my biggest dilemmas has been coming up with different, but still quick, ways to cook our veggies. Enter this asparagus with creamy orange sauce!

Asparagus with Creamy Orange Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

Greek yogurt, mayonnaise and orange zest are combined to provide a bright and tangy complement to steamed asparagus stalks. The sauce adds a little something extra to the asparagus while adding only a minute more of cooking time.

Asparagus with Creamy Orange Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

So keep it simple, but exciting, this weeknight and jazz up your veggies!

Asparagus with Creamy Orange Sauce  |  Lemon & Mocha

Asparagus with Creamy Orange Sauce
Yield: 4 servings
  • 1 pound asparagus spears
  • 2 tablespoons plain nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil mayonnaise
  • ½ teaspoon orange zest
  • Pinch of paprika, ground cayenne pepper or chili powder depending on heat preference
  • Slices of oranges for serving, optional
  1. Snap off the woody stems of the asparagus and discard. Steam until crisp tender.
  2. Combine the yogurt, mayonnaise, zest and ground spice in a small bowl. Spread over the cooked asparagus before serving. Serve with the sliced oranges if desired.

Recipe from Better Homes and Gardens.

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast  |  Lemon & Mocha

Have you heard of avocado toast? This simple breakfast dish has been trending all over Pinterest and Instagram for the past year. It’s been blogged about, tweeted, favorited, snapped, and of course consumed like crazy. Even with the flurry of social media, I first heard of avocado toast at a work breakfast potluck last spring. Side note:  work breakfast potluck is the absolute best way to start a workday. Between all the bacon, waffles and egg casseroles, the person doling out slices of avocado toast seemed more than a little bizarre to me.

Avocado Toast  |  Lemon & Mocha

My love for avocado and my foodie curiosity led me to try some and wow. Just wow. Why had I never thought of this before? The crunchiness of the toast, the creaminess of the avocado, the slight tanginess of the teeniest bit of mayonnaise and the saltiness from the sea salt flakes… wow, oh wow. Those of you who have experienced avocado toast before are currently nodding your heads and walking to their kitchen to pop some bread in the toaster. Those of you who haven’t experienced this simple phenomena should take note and go do the same so you can add a new breakfast staple to your routine.

Avocado Toast  |  Lemon & Mocha

Avocado Toast
Yield: 1 serving
  • 1 piece of whole wheat bread
  • 1 schmear of mayonnaise, roughly 2 teaspoons
  • ½ avocado, sliced
  • Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, or coarse sea salt
  1. Toast the bread. Spread a very thin layer of mayonnaise on the toast. Top with the sliced avocado and a very generous sprinkling of sea salt flakes.


Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Brownies

Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Brownies  |  Lemon & Mocha

It was negative 1 degrees when I woke up in Boston this morning. Negative 1! Oh, and the “feels like” with wind chill was negative 19 degrees. Sounds toasty right? With cold temperatures across most of the country and countless reminders from your Facebook friends about how cold it is I figured we could all use a pick-me-up.

Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Brownies  |  Lemon & Mocha

And what could bring a smile to your face better than a picture of decadent, gooey, chocolately brownies? Well, probably the actual brownies, but now you have the recipe for them!

Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Brownies  |  Lemon & Mocha

These brownies are nearly identical to the peanut butter crunch brownies I posted last month, but peanut butter is replaced with marshmallow. I had just finished baking the peanut butter crunch brownies when I spotted the big tub of marshmallow fluff in my baking cabinet and got inspired.

Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Brownies  |  Lemon & Mocha

I love the way the Special K cereal gives the brownies a nice crunchy topping.

Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Brownies  |  Lemon & Mocha

Also, just to make sure we are keeping count, this is part four of the Lemon & Mocha brownie series. Expect the fifth, final and most outrageous installment next month just in time for Valentine’s Day. In the meantime, treat yourself to some marshmallow crunch chocolate brownies!

Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Brownies  |  Lemon & Mocha

Marshmallow Crunch Chocolate Brownies
Yield: 32 brownies
  • 1 batch brownie batter, enough for a 9 x 13 pan
  • 1 ½ cup marshmallow fluff
  • ¼ cup corn syrup
  • 4 cups Special K, or similar cornflake cereal
  • 1¾ cup chocolate chips, semisweet or milk, divided
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a 9x13” pan and set aside.
  2. Prepare the brownie batter according to package directions. Pour half the brownie batter into the prepared pan.
  3. Put the Special K in a large bowl and set aside.
  4. Combine the marshmallow fluff and corn syrup in a small bowl. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and continue to heat in 30 second increments until the marshmallow mixture is smooth. Pour the marshmallow mixture over the Special K and carefully toss to fully coat.
  5. Evenly distribute ¾ of the marshmallow crunch mixture onto the brownie batter in the pan by dropping small clumps of the marshmallow crunch mixture right onto the batter. Pour on the other half of the brownie batter being sure to cover as much of the marshmallow crunch mixture as possible. It is okay if it doesn’t all get covered.
  6. Bake according to package directions. Be sure not to overbake as brownies will continue to cook once you remove them from the oven. I usually pull mine out 3-5 minutes before the package’s minimum baking time.
  7. As soon as the brownies are out of the oven, run a knife around the edges then evenly sprinkle 1 cup of the chocolate chips on top before covering the pan with tin foil so the chocolate can melt.
  8. Meanwhile, place the remaining chocolate chips and vegetable oil in a small bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds on half power then stir. Heat for 15 seconds on half power then stir. Continue until the chocolate is smooth.
  9. Remove the tin foil from the brownies and carefully spread the melty chocolate chips with a spatula in an even layer on top of the brownies. Top with the remaining marshmallow crunch mixture then drizzle with the melted chocolate. Refrigerate until the chocolate has hardened. Cut and serve.
I highly recommend using 2 packages of Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix to make these.

Recipe adapted from Half Baked Harvest.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts from 2014 and Other Musings

It has been an amazing year here in the Lemon & Mocha kitchen. We were thankful to be accepted into the BlogHer ad network, celebrated our first year blogiversary and even hit a record high on views in one day thanks to this mouthwatering BuzzFeed article. Milestones aside, we also made some of our favorite dishes, received some of our sweetest comments and continued to love sharing this journey with you all every single day. I thought it would be fun to look back and see what were the most popular posts during 2014 so I’ve gathered the top 10 for you here. It was nice to see some new treats as well as old classics make the list! I decided to get in on the action as well and post Lemon & Mocha’s 10 favorite new posts from 2014. Here we go!

Readers’ most popular 10 posts in 2014, starting at #10:

Chocolate Peppermint Fudge  |  Lemon & Mocha

10. Chocolate Peppermint Fudge. This holiday classic is festive and delicious.

Kale & Walnut Pesto Pasta with Lemon Shrimp  |  Lemon & Mocha
9. Kale and Walnut Pesto Pasta with Lemon Shrimp. This dish is SO GOOD. Make it now.

Mini Molten Chocolate Pecan Pies  |  Lemon & Mocha
8. Mini Molten Chocolate Pecan Pies. A recent post from 2014 and definitely an exciting treat.

Raspberries & Cream Sponge Cake Jelly Roll  |  Lemon & Mocha
7. Raspberries and Cream Sponge Cake Jelly Roll. My first ever jelly roll! It is easier than you think. Make your New Year’s resolution to try something new in the kitchen!

Spiked Hazelnut Hot Chocolate  |  Lemon & Mocha
6. Spiked Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. Nutella and booze? Sinfully delicious.

Baked Pistachio Crusted Chicken  |  Lemon & Mocha
5. Baked Pistachio Crusted Chicken. Certainly an old classic, but still a reader favorite.

Baked Crab Dip  |  Lemon & Mocha
4. Baked Crab Dip. I was excited to see my family’s recipe make the top 10 list as this gooey and tasty appetizer certainly deserves a spot.

Crispy Baked Kale Chips  |  Lemon & Mocha
3. Crispy Baked Kale Chips. Healthy and simple- perfect for the New Year!

Chocolate Ganache  |  Lemon & Mocha
2. Chocolate Ganache. This one photo says it all…

World's Smoothest Chocolate Fudge  |  Lemon & Mocha
1. World’s Smoothest Chocolate Fudge. A big thanks to my stepmom for sharing this recipe with me, and to her friend who shared it with her all those many years ago! And of course to Matt for taking this outrageous photo that makes me want to eat every last bite.

Lemon & Mocha’s favorite 10 recipes posted in 2014, starting at #10:

Coffee Ice Cream  |  Lemon & Mocha
10. Coffee Ice Cream. Still reigning as my favorite ice cream posted on Lemon & Mocha.

Chocolate Drizzled Peanut Butter Crunch Chocolate Brownies  |  Lemon & Mocha
9. Chocolate Drizzled Peanut Butter Crunch Chocolate Brownies. A late addition to the 2014 posts, but these bad boys snuck in with a bang.

New England Harvest Salad  |  Lemon & Mocha
8. New England Harvest Salad. I love recreating my favorite restaurant dishes and this perfect salad is no exception.

Turkey & Manchego Panini with Sun-dried Tomato Mayo  |  Lemon & Mocha
7. Turkey and Manchego Panini with Sun-Dried Tomato Mayo. This sandwich deserves a spot simply because I could eat it for days, and days, and days…

Crisp Gnocchi Salad with Shiitakes & Asparagus  |  Lemon & Mocha
6. Crisp Gnocchi Salad with Shiitakes and Asparagus. Another restaurant recreation and a check off my kitchen bucket list:  homemade gnocchi!

Pineapple Bread Pudding  |  Lemon & Mocha
5. Pineapple Bread Pudding. This dish is extremely high on my list of new favorite recipes for 2014, thus it only makes sense to be in the Lemon & Mocha top 10.

Hobo Egg Grilled Cheese  |  Lemon & Mocha
4. Hobo Egg Grilled Cheese. Two of my favorite foods together at last, and it tastes so good.

Summer Berry Trifle  |  Lemon & Mocha
3. Summer Berry Trifle. Not only was this addictive and light, but I absolutely love the pictures from this post!

New England Classic Quesadilla  |  Lemon & Mocha
2. New England Classic Quesadilla. A remake of the legendary Boston College sandwich. It got high marks for its deliciousness, as well as its ability to bring me right back to Hillside.

Chicken Cacciatore with Mushrooms & Artichokes  |  Lemon & Mocha
1. Chicken Cacciatore with Mushrooms and Artichokes.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream  |  Lemon & Mocha

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Smoked Salmon Dip  |  Lemon & Mocha

Smoked Salmon Dip.

Okay, so I know those are technically three posts, not one, but they all deserve the top spot. Not only are these three great recipes, but these were my three favorite posts of 2014. These three posts celebrate the amazing moms in my life and I loved getting to share them with my readers.

So that’s all, folks. Farewell, 2014! You were great, but we’re moving on to even bigger and better things in 2015! Happy New Year!