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Hi, my name is Lauren and I am the author, photographer, cook, baker and happy taste-tester behind Lemon & Mocha. I’m a food obsessed working professional living and blogging in Boston, Massachusetts. Also a lover of embarking on road trips, getting absorbed in new books and trying local restaurants. When I’m not in the kitchen I can be found hiking, biking, wandering around the city or powering through my DVR to get through my slightly crazy TV schedule. Along for this journey is my husband Matt, a software engineer, music enthusiast and web developer for this blog. He is also an excellent food sampler, dish washer and pick-ingredients-up-at-the-store-I-forgot-er. Welcome to Lemon & Mocha, I’m happy you found your way here and hopefully you’ll visit often!

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About the Blog
I like food. A lot. I like eating it, cooking it, baking it, reading about it, talking about it and dreaming about it. I keep a top 5 chicken finger list, top 10 ice cream lists (one for shops and one for store-bought), a list of 50 recipes I want to conquer in the kitchen and countless restaurant lists (I also like making lists :-)). Lemon & Mocha was created in the fall of 2013 to motivate me to constantly challenge myself in the kitchen and satisfy my craving to share everything food related.

Why Lemon & Mocha? The name illustrates my style in the kitchen; I use fresh ingredients to create light and flavorful dishes, but I also can’t resist a decadent treat or a cozy mac & cheese. Although lemon and mocha may seem like an odd combination they are also each flavor enhancers in their own way. A squeeze of lemon can add the perfect amount of zing to any dish and a splash of mocha, or high-quality coffee, helps chocolate shine. I hope Lemon & Mocha will enhance your kitchen table at mealtime.

xo Lauren

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